Our clients recover over 90% of their audit claims.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"CyberLease helped my firm tremendously in settling a complex operating expense case for seven figures when a prior auditor had previously recommended a mid-five figure settlement."

Alan Di Sciullo, Esq.
Senior Attorney
Morgan Stanley

Case Study #1

SAVED: $8.7 Million

Competitively Bid Expenses

Audit Findings

  • Uncompetitive rates for services provided by Landlord’s affiliated management company
  • Significant capital improvements, charitable contributions and marketing-related costs included in Operating Costs

Client Gains - $5.4M Immediate Savings / $8.7M Total Over Term

  • Total of $8.7M saved through audit, comprised of:
    • $500K cash refund
    • Early termination of 55K RSF of unneeded space, at no cost to Client, creating savings of $4.9M (present value)
    • Audit settlement restricts Landlord’s management fee over remaining lease term, saving Client $3.3M (present value)