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"My experience working with CyberLease has confirmed that they are knowledgeable, professional and very effective; overall, a pleasure to work with."

Richard Feldman
Senior Counsel
Nestle, USA

Preliminary Reviews

In our 20 years of experience, CyberLease has found the overwhelming majority of additional rent billings are incorrect, but not all of those errors are material enough to warrant an in-depth audit. Therefore, our Preliminary Review service is designed to determine whether any given lease – or group of leases in a portfolio – has been billed incorrectly and whether an audit is truly warranted. CyberLease’s Preliminary Review will:

  • Reveal whether a full audit is warranted
  • Identify areas of potential recovery
  • Ensure unproductive audits are not performed saving you time and money
  • Identify the potential for hidden liabilities
  • Help prioritize which audits to pursue first
  • Provide peace of mind - the experts have reviewed your lease(s)

Out of 10 leases we review...80% of leases have some billing problems...But, only 30% have material errors of between  $2.00 - $5.00 / square foot.

CyberLease offers the type of thorough "Preliminary Review" necessary in order to determine whether an audit is warranted and what range of overcharges may be involved. A complete review of the rental and operating cost provisions of your lease, a summary analysis of your operating cost billings and an explanation of the basis of any recommendation to audit is provided. CyberLease's Preliminary Review is designed to ensure only warranted audits are performed and to identify if any potential liability exists.

How much savings would this mean to you and your firm?

Based on our history, if CyberLease recommends an audit, we have been able to recover between $2.00 - $5.00 per rentable square foot leased. This recovery range is based on the number of years audited and the structure of the lease.  Frequently these audits save our clients more than $10 per square foot over the term of their lease.

What Is Needed For A Preliminary Review?

In order for CyberLease to provide a Preliminary Review of your lease(s), we simply need a copy of the following:

  • your lease(s) and any addenda, riders, amendments or letter of agreements to the lease(s);
  • all annual reconciliation or adjustment statements prepared by your landlord over the past two to four years if possible, or as many years as you have; and
  • any estoppel certificates executed over the past four years;

We will be happy to help you in identifying and gathering these documents.

Simply send a copy of these documents to us and we will perform your Preliminary Review.