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Lease Audit & Negotiation Seminars


Lease Negotiation Assistance

CyberLease will work with you, your broker and your attorney to help negotiate the most favorable operating cost language possible in order to avoid the common and costly pitfalls.


We also give classes to the following general groups and these classes can be customized to fit your needs:

Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, and Real Estate Executives
We have one to two hour practical application classes on operating cost lease language. In our first class, the student is given pro-landlord operating cost language from a lease and asked to underline all those items they would try to negotiate out of the lease or would cause them to ask more questions for a better understanding. The instructor will then walk through the document (with the help of a PowerPoint Presentation) and illustrate to the student what they had missed, including a quantification of its impact. The instructor uses real-life situations in which it has been involved. The second class is a review of our current Building Operating Cost Addendum (BOCA) and how to negotiate tenant favorable clauses with the landlord. There is plenty of interaction between the class and instructor with the help of PowePoint. This is a must for anyone representing tenants in lease negotiations. Many of these classes are DRE and/or CLE accredited, depending upon locale.

Real Estate Executives and Administrators
This is a five-hour class which gets into the "nuts and bolts" of operating costs. A student will learn correct lease terminology and how to apply it to real-life scenarios. Instruction will be given in grossing-up and its common errors and pitfalls. The class first mentioned above is incorporated into this class. Lastly, a discussion of lease administration rounds out the class. This class includes many "war stories" and is very interactive with the students.

Building Owners & Managers and other Landlord Representatives
A class for those who manage buildings and have to deal with lease audits. This is a four-hour class entitled "How to Survive a Tenant Lease Audit". It is designed to help the building manager understand what the auditor is looking for and how to minimize the effects of the audit. Like the class for the lease administrator, it will help the manager better prepare for an audit.